1,250 public electric vehicle charging stations

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Roughly 1,250 public electric vehicle charging stations have been in operation in Québec, including greater than seventy 400-volt fast-charging stations. Four Tesla fast-charging stations are offered also. All of the public electric vehicle charging stations permit the owners of electric vehicles to more readily plan travel and long trips.

In October 2012, the Québec-based company AddÉnergie launched VERnetwork, a network of charging stations for rechargeable electric vehicles. In June 2016, VERnetwork has become renamed Flo.This network comprised around 325 240-volt charging stations in Québec.

Flo is usually well established in British Columbia in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Rate: The usage fees changes from one station to an alternative based on the policies of local charging station operators. An hourly rate determined by use usually applies, e.g. $1 each hour of use, however some stations offer free charging. You must first register with all the network. CAA-Québec provides tech support, that is available at all times.

Flo website: flo.ca/on-the-go Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre

There a wide range of maps online to assist you locate public charging stations easily. They are available as websites or mobile apps. It may be worth consulting some maps before organizing a long trip.

Given how quick new stations are showing up and the differences in their terms of usage, keeping such type of reference site updated is undoubtedly an ambitious undertaking. The providers these maps count on station operators and users to enable them to gather and make sure information.

Mobile applications will help you find a charging station and employ it as well as provide you with how to replenish your money:

Recharges stations éléctriques