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The exploration of this situation for the different utility functions suggests that many of the responses have to be discarded. The Logarithmic utility function is defined by Eq. (B.13), repeated below: equation(B.13) Ui(wi)=lnwiUiwi=lnwi An obvious problem arises when an individual's MAC, yki, is equal to his MAP, xki: yki?=?xki since, from Eq. (B.16) the individual's wealth, wi, is calculated to be infinite, which is impossible. Similarly, yki?=��, is inadmissible on grounds of impossibility. Using Eq. (B.16), wealth would appear to become negative when LY294002 molecular weight an individual's MAC is less than his MAP: yki?Rapamycin in mind that no computable value of ��i?=?(1???��X)/(��Xi???��X) exists when ��Xi?=?��X, as was the case with Epacadostat purchase 16 respondents, specifically respondents 3, 8, 10, 46, 78, 83, 90, 93, 95, 103, 115, 118, 137, 149, 153 and 155. After taking out the 6 respondents who appear in more than one list based on injury X, namely 8, 10, 78, 90, 103 and 149, this implies that 36?+?1?+?16�C6?=?47 of the 167 responses cannot be interpreted using the 2-part chained approach based on the Logarithmic utility function. This leaves only 120 of the original 167 responses as meaningful for any attempt to estimate a VPF based on 2-part chaining using the Logarithmic utility function. As noted above, Carthy et al. allowed themselves the freedom to substitute results derived from the Negative Exponential utility function into the column of the Logarithmic utility on a good many occasions. This might raise the thought that the Negative Exponential utility function would be robust against cases when yki?��?xki, but this is not so, as will now be shown. The Negative Exponential utility function obeys Eq. (B.28), repeated below: equation(B.28) Ui(wi)=?e?��iwi?��i>0Ui(wi)=?e?��iwi?��i>0 It shown in Appendix B that the only admissible values for the ratio of MAC to MAP, cki?=?yki/xki, are those in the range 1