5 Most Popular Places to Meet the Love of Your Life

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Just mentioning the word "dating," and you can hear some people groan. If you don't want to be set up on blind dates by your friends or if Positive singles you're not into trolling the clubs and bars on the weekend, there are other locations where you can meet people and try to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Dating doesn't have to be boring or painful. If you put yourself out there and explore your options, it can be fun and adventuresome. Here are 5 of the most popular places to meet the love of your life.- Online: Probably the number one way people find their mate is through online dating. Several years ago, online dating was frowned upon as desperate or weird. However, through the many social dating sites that pre-screen applicants and match you up with people of similar likes, it's a very common way for people to meet. The percentage of married couples who met through online dating is increasing yearly. Thanks to the specific matches, it's easier to find someone whose, likes, dislikes, politics, religion, and interests mirror your own.

- Church/Social Clubs: People who've tired of the bar scene have turned to their local churches and other social clubs to meet others. Churches not only offer fellowship and worship, but they also offer many activities for singles on a weekly basis. Also, special interest clubs like book clubs or tennis club or gardening, etc., bring people of similar interests together under one "umbrella." These types of situations are great to meet others and expand from there.- Gym: As so many people strive to stay healthy and get fit, they're finding that they're meeting others while at the gym. Whether you're there for a quick workout, an exercise class, or a dip in the pool, you'll find other people who are interested in the same thing and have the same fitness goals. From there, you can branch off into working out together, going out for smoothies, post-work out, or helping each other with fitness plan.- Work: Since we spend more time at work than we do at home and with friends, it's only natural that co-workers tend to venture toward each other in a romantic way. When you work so closely with someone and socialize with them during the day and after work, you get close to them, learn more about who they are, and often times want to know more. Some employers may frown upon employee fraternization, but it's not illegal. Just be professional in the work place and keep your love life out of office politics if you want your relationship to succeed.

- Coffee shop/Book store: People are always filling the coffee shops, cafes, and book stores in search of a warm cup of java, something interesting to munch on, or merely to sit and read or surf the net on a public wi-fi connection. Coffee shops and book stores offer a gathering place for like-minded individuals to congregate, hang out, and get to know one another. You can strike up a conversation over a complicated coffee, or get to know someone over a good book recommendation.Meeting the love of your life is something you'll always remember and share with friends and families.