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Chipkin’s BACnet Stack (CAS BACnet Stack) is an application layer BACnet library for embedded systems and application development. The BACnet Stack can function both as a server (Field Device, etc…) or as a client (HMI, etc…)

The BACnet Stack is a transport layer independent library, making it easy to use with any transport layer such as MSTP, IP, Ethernet and even PTP and ARCnet. By giving you control of the transport layer, you can optimize bandwidth and performance by exploiting resources at your disposal such as mutli-threading and multiple simultaneous connections.

The BACnet Stack is particularly well-suited to most contemporary programming styles as the API uses XML to transfer requests for packet building as well as for handling back-parsed packets.

The CAS BACnet Stack can save man-years of development when your company needs to add BACnet to their products.

FEATURES: • OS independent (tested with WinCE/Win32/Win64, Linux, FreeRTOS) • Transport layer independent • Client/Server functionality • Example code for both client/server on a variety of transport layers; TCP/IP, Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), RS232 (EIA-232, Serial) and RS485 (EIA-485, MSTP) • XML strings for all incoming/outgoing messages • Build with modern coding practices and design patterns.

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