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Floodlights are specially created mechanisms which provide artificial light to a large expanse or area. The floodlights utilize high intensity lamps which are configured to hold up to repeated use for extended period of times and because of this property, floodlights work extremely well in sports stadiums as well as theater stages.

Main Features[edit]

  1. Floodlights are well-known landscaping fixtures which are generally used to brightly illuminate large open areas.
  2. Floodlight fixtures are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
  3. Floodlight fixtures are usually positioned in the eaves of homes or buildings and often at substantial height above the ground.
  4. Usually, such fixtures are made with fixed reflectors, either of a single section or multiple sections arranged to provide the desired spread of light from the lamp used as the light source for each individual application of the floodlight.
  5. Floodlights typically are much brighter and therefore entail fewer numbers than landscape lights to provide ample illumination.

Types of Floodlights[edit]

Unlike landscape lighting fixtures, floodlights are not typically used for decorative lighting. Floodlights are available in two broad types, i.e., area and directional.

  • Area floodlights: These are used to illuminate large areas such as parking lots.
  • Directional floodlights: They provide a smaller field of illumination and are popular with architects. Directional floodlights are used for purposes like "uplighting" the foliage of trees, illuminating stairs and walkways and emphasizing (by illumination) a particular architectural or structural feature.


Following are the major applications of floodlights

  1. Lighting system for a sports stadium: floodlight panels are usually installed at strategic locations around the perimeter of the playing field. The powerful lamps are arranged in sections at each point of installation, and trained to highlight a given portion of the field. The whole effect of the floodlights is to create the same degree of visibility that is achievable at full sunlight during the middle of the day. The use of floodlights revolutionized sports such as baseball and football, as the lights made it possible to play in the evening hours.
  2. Stage performances: Plays and concerts also do well from the presence of floodlights. Generally, the arrangement and function of the lights is more complex than the systems used at sports arenas. In addition to providing an ample amount of general light for the stage area, the lamp system will also incorporate spotlights that can be used to create heightened attention to one area of the stage. The spotlight is often employed when a singer is performing a solo, or an actor is delivering an important soliloquy during the course of a play.
  3. Searchlight system: Searchlights for a municipality or waterfront can allow rescue crews and local law officials to promptly scan a wide area in very little time. This use of floodlights can frequently lead to saving lives as well as helping to protect the citizens of a given city or town from some type of danger.