How to Learn Speed Reading - Points to Remember

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The progress your struggling readers made this coming year can be far too easily undone in a summer spent in front with the television. For more info about how to help your child learn to read check out the website. A few days ago, we posted ideas for helping parents successfully teach reading at home, adapted from your 2003 article by Linda Baker. What Baker's research also noted, in addition to the importance of teaching reading in your own home, will be the significance of motivating struggling readers to read in your house.

Fast-forward 8 a few years then I had 4 children. I came across a book entitled "How to Teach Your Baby to Read." From the first few pages I was hooked and although I never had any idea ahead of scanning this book that babies can figure out how to read, I just knew in my heart of hearts that this was definitely possible. I was overcome with excitement and ready to give it a try. After all, my other children all seemed very wise to me. They could pick things up so quickly, so why don't you teach them to read? The possibility was extremely exciting.

Almost as had you been imputing commands in a computer, you program in "Teach my child: Read." But then they realize just reading isn't enough, it grows to "Teach My Child: Read and Vocabulary." Then they expand it to "Teach My Child: Read and Vocabulary, Quote Shakespeare." And then "Teach My Child: Read and Vocabulary, Quote Shakespeare, 2nd Language." And it just keeps snowballing away...

Grouping words into sets is not needed. It is just a suggestion for moms and dads that would like to further enforce the educational of phonics while teaching their babies to sight-read. Without ever grouping patterns together, baby will still intuit the policies of phonics by themselves. Babies learn phonics by themselves because of the marvelous developing brains. The brain has the capacity to decode the patterns of the language effortlessly when reading is introduced before three years old. When it comes to teaching babies to learn, earlier is best.

There are several companies making DVDS that teach babies to read. Before you make an order attempt to view sample clips online using your baby to find out which DVDs your child enjoys most. The DVDs mustn't be boring for your child just like they are you get no benefits whatsoever. It is through repetition and regularity that babies learn to learn. By viewing these reading DVDs regularly babies learn to learn the words in each volume. It is important that your infant enjoys the DVDs simply because they could make up a large part in the program.