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An engineering unit falls under Power group, commonly used by automation professionals.


  • " The kilowatt (symbol: kW), equal to one thousand watts, is typically used to state the power output of engines and the power consumption of tools and machines. A kilowatt is approximately equivalent to 1.34 horsepower. An electric heater with one heating element might use 1 kilowatt." [1]
  • "Kilowatt(kW) - A unit of power equal to 1,000 watts." [2]

This engineering unit is supported by the BACnet protocol.

Conversion to SI and other common units[edit]

1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watts

Communication Protocol Support[edit]

This engineering unit is supported by the following communication protocols:

1. BACnet

  • 2008 specification.
  • Enumeration=48

2. LonWorks

  • Used by Networkwed Variables: SNVT_power_kilo, SNVT_pump_sensor