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Our Mission

At NS, we develop cutting-edge solutions that provide real-time control over energy use. Our Horizontal Integration solution is the first truly cost-effective, scalable BEMS on the market with the capability to integrate legacy systems. We are on the forefront of LED technology. With an output of 80 lumens per watt, our Advanced LED solution sets the market standard for efficiency.

Our vision is that any building or facility, regardless of age, size or condition can be a high-performance building. High-quality, building-performance solutions are no longer the province of new, “green” construction projects. The products and solutions we’ve developed can fit like a puzzle piece into nearly any facility management program. Whether you’re looking to retrofit your entire building or just to get a better handle on how you currently use energy, we have options that can help you achieve your goal.

Every product produced by NS, every solution offered, is developed with the intention of empowering higher-efficiency and better performance in any building.

Our mission is to empower building performance. This means improving efficiency, developing sustainability and, overall, increasing the value of buildings through performance-enhancing products and solutions.

Our Team

D.Y. Shin, Chairman & CEO

Mr. Shin is the current Vice-Chairman of Youl Chon Chemical Co., Ltd and Nongshim Engineering (NSE). He has an MA in International Management, International Management of Chung-ang University and a BA from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Engineering College of Korea University.

Steve Hwang, CFO

Steve Hwang has over 29 years of financial management/marketing experience within the financial services industry and a strong commitment to ethics and transparency. He has an MBA and BS from Korea University, Seoul, S. Korea.

Chris Lee, VP of Product Development

Chris Lee began his career in the marketing division of IBM Korea and from there he worked with Trade Promotion Agencies of various countries in Australia. Currently Chris is the managing director for Nongshim Engineering (NSE) and the advising director of Nongshim Data Systems (NDS).

Jason Noh, PhD, CTO

Jason is an accomplished system architect and relation builder with more than 15 years of system design and development experience in mission critical IT environments. He has experience with some of the worlds leading IT businesses, such as Sun and Intel. Jason has a track record of producing successful innovations and has now turned his attention toward creating cutting-edge energy efficiency systems and products.

Andy Kwon, VP of Sales/Marketing

Andy Kwon is a licensed mechanical engineer with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has worked with some of the most prominent IT and Energy corporations, including Exxon-Mobil and EyakTek, and is dedicated to developing products and services for the energy efficiency market.

Brent Stover, Sales and Distribution, Director

Brent Stover has over 30 years experience as a project manager and project superintendent across various industries, primarily in construction and development.

Case Studies

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