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Case Studies

Improved Control and Reporting at Nongshim Manufacturing Plant

With Korean energy regulations tightening, Nongshim needed a streamlined system to monitor, report and control energy use in real-time. NS gave Nongshim the tools they needed to achieve a 20% energy expenditure reduction by 2015, easily meeting new requirements.

Nongshim saved $1.5 million in production and energy costs with installation of ns2u. Nongshim is a world leader in food production. They have plants in seven countries and employ 6,000 people worldwide and an annual gross profit in excess of $400 million. Established in 1965, Nongshim has long been a champion of health and wellness and this conviction carries into their desire to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

When the Korean government announced a mandate for the top 30 Korean Corporations to reduce their energy consumption 20% by 2015 they took to the task with conviction. Nongshim currently spends roughly $50 million annually on energy. The goal was to reduce the energy consumption of the production plants by $10 million. Before any new programs could be put into place it was necessary to establish an accurate energy consumption baseline.

Nongshim concentrated their efforts on their two newest production plants, the Gumi plant (925k sq ft) and the Pusan plant (640k sq ft). These plants contain a wide variety of systems and production lines that turn out upwards of 180 food packets per second. Jason Noh worked with Nongshim’s head of engineering to install meters and establish a system that would allow the plant managers to easily monitor production, create reports and control their systems. This was the ns2u. The overall installation took less than 4 weeks and they have continued to expand on the system adding sensors, monitors and control systems. ns2u’s ability to handle vast data loads in real-time enabled the production managers to fine tune their operations gaining an unprecedented level of control over their mixers, steamers, fryers and packaging systems. With this improved efficiency they have lowered the net weight of their packages by 5grams. In the last year this has resulted in nearly a million dollars of savings on the cost of raw materials and in addition to this they have saved roughly half a million on energy.


Improved Light Quality and Cost Savings in Anchorage School District

East High School in the Anchorage School District called NS when they needed a better lighting solution for their cafeteria. The current lights, 100+ watt halogen bulb fixtures, just weren’t producing the necessary level of light. We came in and replaced a single fixture with our LED light for comparison.
Replacing Fixtures

The new LED light produced more than five times the light output, or foot-candles, at less than half the watts.

After seeing the substantial increase in light output and the potential for energy savings, East High School immediately asked for a bid to replace all 30 lights in the cafeteria with NS LEDs.

Advanced LEDs Save Energy and Money

NS LEDs utilize the latest advancements in LED technology to create lights that produce more output, last longer than other LED or traditional light options, and use significantly less energy.

School districts in smaller communities can see even greater savings with LED technology. For example, a school paying around 50¢/kilowatt hour could see dramatic savings in their energy costs. Replacing as few as 50 fixtures could save you over $10,000 dollars a year or more than $100,000 over ten years. Imagine what you could save by replacing all of your light fixtures.

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