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Chipkin has been working hand in hand with Sierra Monitor from the beginning. We have developed many of their drivers and continue to do so today. We even have the capabilities to add additional protocols to the QuickServers not supported by the original manufacturer. We know the product to source code level. If anyone has the capabilities to ensure you succeed in your integration, we are it. Below is a general overview of the QuickServer flavors. The QuickServer (FS-QS-1XXX) is a family of high-performance, fully configurable, and cost-effective building and industrial automation protocol gateways. They are designed for integrators to easily interface devices to networks in commercial buildings, campuses, and industrial facilities. There are four standard models that come in basic (250 points) or enhanced (500 points) and can connect to serial (RS485 and RS232), Ethernet, and/or LonWorks as well as KNX and M-Bus.

Key Features of the QuickServer: • Ability to interface up to 250 points (basic) or 500 points (enhanced) of common BAS protocols • All QuickServers are BTL certified and carry the Mark • All LonWorks QuickServers are LonMark Certified • BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network • RS-232 or RS-422 serial port options Besides RS-485, Ethernet, and LonWorks • Multi-configuration capability; specific configurations selectable via DIP switches or software • External DIP switches and LED lights to aid in easy set-up and operation • Flat panel mount standard, DIN rail mount option • DIP switches to select baud rate or node ID on the fly

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