Relationship between LonWorks and Echelon

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Echelon Corporation is a top supplier of control network products and services. It basically addresses the needs of the building, industrial, transportation, home, and other markets. It has a family of more than 80 products and services which are based on the LonWorks platform for control networking. The company’s products are at the front position of the trend away from closed and centralized control.

LonWorks is a networking platform exclusively created to address the unique performance, reliability, installation, and maintenance needs of control applications. This platform built on a protocol created by Echelon Corporation is employed for networking devices over media such as twisted pair, powerlines, fiber optics, and RF. It is widely used for the automation of diverse functions within buildings such as lighting and HVAC.

In January 2009, the LonWorks protocol was sanctioned as a global standard for building controls by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC). It is now formally known as ISO/IEC 14908.1. Besides, the protocol is recognized as a standard by a number of national and international organizations.