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Emonitor family of products provides us with a suite of integrated maintenance data functions to leverage information about our assets. This enables us to make intelligent, informed decisions which result in:

  • Maximized uptime
  • Reduced inventory
  • Low production and maintenance costs
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE = Availability x Rate x Quality)

Main features[edit]

  1. Emonitor supports the latest generation of the Enpac Windows CE-based data collectors. It also supports the Datapac family of collectors, along with previous generation Entek products and many data collectors from other suppliers.
  2. Emonitor can also support streams of data coming in from a variety of permanently installed sensors or systems, including Surveillance Vibration Data Collection, Protection Data Collection, Process Historian Gateways and OPC (OLE for Process Control).
  3. Besides these data sources, Emonitor can manage images and ActiveX data objects which is mainly valuable for infrared thermography data, magnified images of oil samples, or other condition indicating technologies.
  4. Emonitor constructs a diagnostic model of the plant machinery based on the mechanical design information, for e.g. Bearing information, shaft configuration, gear design, fan blade design or motor data. It comprises a reference database of over ten thousand bearings to facilitate this task.
  5. With the Emonitor Asset Health Module and the EAM/CMMS Gateway working together, we can competently drive the execution of maintenance on our plant assets. With the EAM/CMMS Gateway, Emonitor can automatically send the results of the analysis to the EAM/CMMS system to create a work order to clean the rotor.
  6. The work order can be tracked by the analyst in Emonitor as the work is approved, scheduled, and completed. The analyst can also verify the solution in Emonitor by looking at data collected after the work is completed.
  7. Gateways in Emonitor work with either the MRO Software MAXIMO product line or the DataStream MP2 product.

Asset Data Integration Functions[edit]

Asset Register[edit]

It allows the user to recognize component and asset information to assist in the diagnosis of individual components such as motors, gearboxes, and fans. Asset information takes account of data such as number of rotor bars, number of impeller vanes, nameplate information or other pertinent data.

Condition Monitoring Capabilities[edit]

Emonitor includes the widest range of data harvesting tools available today. Via these tools, Emonitor can easily fulfill following requirements:

  • Inspection Data Logging
  • Process Data Logging
  • Vibration Data Collectors
  • Oil Analysis Instrumentation
  • Oil Analysis Laboratories File Import
  • Calculated Measurements

Web Client Access[edit]

  • Web Client Access enables users across an enterprise to monitor data and alarm information in Emonitor.
  • Web Client Access lets us work at a remote location and still display data and feature-rich plots, as well as diagnostic reports from the main Emonitor database.
  • It also makes it easy to upload a data-collection route to a remote location, and then download the collected data back to the main office. Moreover it allows us to centralize our data analysis and work order generation.