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FactoryTalk Batch is the most comprehensive batch management software available which is essentially employed for optimization of Batch Manufacturing Processes as it brings all facets of batch automation and process management together. It provides efficient, predictable batch processing, consistency between batches, and generation of event information during batch runs. Also, FactoryTalk Batch process management enables us reuse code, recipes, phases, and logic between processes with similar procedures.

Main Features[edit]

FactoryTalk Batch

  • Supports the design philosophy of modular batch automation, where a batch process is established by defining its physical and procedural aspects and their hierarchies.
  • Can integrate with a variety of human machine interfaces (HMI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, as well as perform recipe management, process control, scheduling, and reporting applications.
  • Includes FactoryTalk eProcedure (automates manual procedures using an interactive, web-based interface), FactoryTalk Batch Material Manager (provides plant-level material management and tracking) & RSLinx Classic OEM.
  • Combines the ISA S88 standard with proven technology that provides the flexibility we need to supply our product to market faster.
  • Can improve quality and boost production in many industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, heavy industry, and pulp and paper.


FactoryTalk Batch can be employed to

  1. Create and manage recipes and execute them automatically
  2. Cut down the hours needed for validating and commissioning
  3. Configure physical and procedural models
  4. Integrate with an extensive variety of complementary software applications
  5. Collect detailed electronic batch data about your process to generate detailed reports
  6. Integrate and exchange batch and recipe information with corporate information systems
  7. Simulate our entire batch process


FactoryTalk Batch helps us to create processes that help our operators to do their jobs more efficiently and make quality products over and over again. It offers following major benefits:

  1. Share resources, maximize use of expensive equipment or swiftly switches equipment in the case of a failure.
  2. Visualizes and develops complex recipe structures in a graphical sequential function chart format by means of the recipe editor.
  3. Reduces the number of recipes required by using class-based recipes.
  4. Automatically records all actions that FactoryTalk Batch monitors and controls, allowing full recovery and system redundancy in the event of a control system failure.
  5. Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with comprehensive electronic signatures.
  6. Streamlines electronic signature setup and maintenance through signature templates.

Advanced features[edit]

FactoryTalk Batch Version 10.00 is the latest available version which consists of following enhanced features:

  1. Smart binding which means configurable requirements and preferences in unit selection for optimal procedural flow and recipe management.
  2. Built-in timer capabilities to reduce engineering and validation costs.
  3. Recipe SFC Structure Validation i.e. Test procedures against recipe structure errors.
  4. Improved Client Capabilities like FactoryTalk eProcedure web client and Active X - all control recipe configuration options on one screen.
  5. Batch View Client for terminal services support.
  6. RSLinx Classic OEM is now incorporated with every FactoryTalk Batch and Back-up key license.