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FactoryTalk Metrics allows manufacturers of all types and sizes to boost production, cut costs, and increase quality using existing equipment and labor more efficiently. All this can be achieved through accurate reporting of real plant-floor activity. FactoryTalk Metrics examines plant-floor equipment and provides precise, timely, granular, and specific information both on current machine performance as well as historical details (regarding work cell/line/area/site) for long-term analysis. Based on this data one can understand the real causes of inefficiency, waste, and lost capacity. Accordingly, it empowers plant personnel to make well-versed decisions around optimizing assets within a production facility or across a manufacturing enterprise. FactoryTalk Metrics reports on OEE i.e. Overall Equipment Effectiveness. However it is more than just an OEE reporting tool since OEE can merely tell us how a machine is performing over time; it cannot tell us why the machine is performing at that level. Moreover, FactoryTalk Metrics can collect and report on any machine events and their reasons which can be detected in the control system. Also, FactoryTalk Metrics can give the detail essential to both understand downtime causes and to help us prioritize the improvements needed to raise efficiency.


FactoryTalk Metrics is a complete system for efficiency monitoring, event collection, and analysis. It offers following significant features:

  • Uptime/downtime monitoring, along with any number of user-defined machine events, which identify the causes of inefficiency
  • Accounting for all time using a built-in state engine
  • Reporting of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and 14 other standard performance indicators
  • Reporting of all data (event, state, performance) by 9 built-in dimensions i.e. Plant Model, Time, Shift, Part and five user-defined dimensions, such as operator, work order, batch, etc.
  • Easy, flexible, scalable configuration
  • Compatibility with any control system PLCs and HMIs using OPC standards
  • Reliable, accurate 24/7 automated data collection from the control system
  • Data storage in a standardized, efficient, usable form
  • Highly configurable data collection formulas and calculations to minimize or eliminate modifications to control system programs
  • Access to all reports with a Web browser
  • Out-of-the-box reports, with powerful customization using dynamic parameters
  • Automatic data collection configuration using a ControlLogix-compatible UDT. However this feature is included in FactoryTalk MetricsLine Edition only.


FactoryTalk Metrics assist us refine, streamline, and prioritize our process improvement initiatives, resulting in reduced downtime, decreased cycle time, and increased overall production. FactoryTalk Metrics endows with following benefits:

  1. Increase capacity: More product, revenue, and profit in the same amount of time
  2. Decrease manufacturing costs: Less overtime, reduced labor costs, lower per-unit costs
  3. Defer capital expenditures: Make your current equipment produce more
  4. Decrease overhead costs: Save time in collecting data and preparing reports
  5. Empower continuous improvement: Automatic data collection more focused on improvement