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FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is a valuable tool designed to assist us better manage our manufacturing processes by integrating the critical data in our shop floor control systems with enterprise IT and other manufacturing applications. It endows us with the ideal platform on which to integrate and build the solutions needed to run our enterprise.

Industrial transaction[edit]

To comprehend the power of FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, we must figure out an industrial transaction first. In the enterprise world, transactions are used every day to tightly link multiple systems so that they act as one. An industrial transaction is just like a normal transaction, except that, instead of linking multiple database systems, it links control systems to database systems. A true, end-to-end link is established that provides the level of reliability required to support enterprise-wide integration.


FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is utilized in a multiplicity of data-logging situations where production data from the control system needs to be saved in a database. Conventional historian products are principally designed for historical data logging and have an extensive user interface for viewing, analyzing, and reporting. FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is more than a data-logging tool. Its flexibility enables us to:

  • Make available two-way exchange of data between applications, a database, and the control system for downloading recipes, production schedules, or other information into the control system.
  • Support reading from and writing control system data into commercial databases, For example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Manage, track and log data exchanges or "transactions."
  • Apply it for custom MES-like applications.


Following are the major benefits offered by FactoryTalk Transaction Manager:

  • Required data can be obtained easily.
  • A flexible architecture which scales to meet our needs.
  • Precisely maintained work-in-process and finished goods inventory.
  • Least production errors.
  • Stored procedures for enforcing business rules.
  • Easy access to shop-floor data needed to optimize and improve our manufacturing effectiveness.
  • FactoryTalk Integrated Architecture components for ideal connectivity, location transparency, and redundancy
  • FactoryTalk Security keeps up security for configuration and at runtime.

Advanced features[edit]

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager Version 9.0 is the latest available version which consists of following enhanced features:

  • Support for FactoryTalk Audit and FactoryTalk Diagnostics which enable us to log audit and diagnostic/status messages to the FactoryTalk Audit and FactoryTalk Diagnostics subsystem.
  • Two new timestamp functions named OPCTimestampof() and MOPCTimestampof() are now supported by the Expression Editor in FactoryTalk Transaction Manager.
  • The Expression Editor in the current version also supports both Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and system local formats. The UTC format can be applied to the TransTimestamp(), TimeStampOf(), and OPCTimeStampOf() functions.
  • It is now compatible with Windows 2003 Server R2 operating system.
  • XML Import/Export Utility is now incorporated within FactoryTalk Transaction Manager which can be used manually to export and import a configuration or programmatically build and import a configuration.
  • The enhanced version of FactoryTalk Transaction Manager supports FactoryTalk Activation as well which is a secure, software-based system for activating Rockwell Software products and managing software activation files. Audit messages are generated for proper administration and monitoring of activation usage.