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TeknoConvey Pneumatic Conveying Dense Phase TeknoConvey Pneumatic Conveying System (Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying)

The best solutions for bulk materials handling for pneumatic conveying Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying is the best method of transferring friable, abrasive, batch fluduziation materials. Pneumatic dense pahse conveying is used in so many industries, food processing, chemical, cement, gypsum, conctruction chemical, mining, and etc. to all powder prossesing sector’s production to manufacturing. TeknoConvey going to be big player in pneumatic dense phase conveying system technologies. TeknoConvey everytime work with customers to find a best solution to transfer bulk materials by dense phase pneumatic conveying system.

“Why dense phase pneumatic conveying system better for your powder tranfering solution?”

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system for powdered or granular bulk materials can be use. Your Material segregation, abrasiveness, or degradation is of concern, low velocity pneumatic dense phase conveying must be your best choice. Using low air flow speed to convey these materials makes the process more gentler, which reduces wear on your equipment. Low velocity pneumatic dense phase conveying also minimizes separation of the your mix this will save your mixing costs.

TeknoConvey huge level of experience will help your to make your conveying problem trouble free. TeknoConvey pneumatic dense pahse conveying system use less air and save your energy costs.

All our TeknoConvey customer rely on our expertise and the best approach to an efficient, effective, and long-lasting dense phase pneumatic conveying system. TeknoConvey promise to ; Best material handling Minimal component wear Best design Without dusting

TeknoConvey pneumatic dense phase conveying is a relatively low speed that the material is not hanging in the air. TeknoConvey low velocity of pneumatic dense phase means the least wear and the least tear. The velocity is typically set between 120mt./min. and 300 mt/min TeknoConvey pneumatic conveying engineers can offer the correct conveyance type for your material in order to design a custom system that successfully meets your unique material handling requirements.

TeknoConvey pneumatic dense phase is the best with:

Fragile materials and mixtures Best for low and high volume bulk materials transfer of abrasive materials, TeknoConvey slow pneumatic convey speed reduces abrasion of convey pipes. For the hygroscopic materials no need air drying equipment because air quantities required for dense phase are so more and lower than dilute phase. For examples for pnematic tranfering sand, sugar, carbon black, gypsum, lime and etc.

Dense Phase pneumatic conveying as a best method in transferring dry bulk materials and powders, So many industries using pneumatic conveying include energy, chemical, food, and environmental, manufacturing, rail, and transportation.

Efficiently and effortlessly convey fluidizable materials, such as sand, plastics, detergents, food and more, with TeknoConvey dense phase conveyor. TeknoConvey pneumatic transfer unit a gravity loaded, bottom discharge transfer with a 200 + tph capacity for huge demand works. It provides a high material to air ratio and intermediate line velocities, thereby resulting in smaller line sizes, lower air consumption, also dust problems and reduced energy costs. Abrasive wear and particle degradation are also minimized. TeknoConvey pneumatic densphase pressure vessels are ideal for in-plant transfer of most powdered, granular, abrasive, or pelletized materials, and even have the ability to successfully transfer materials over long distances.


Dense Phase Conveyor costs for the operation and spare parts equipment are low due to low air consumption. The system reduced breakage of materials and achieved minimum wear in the air vessel and transport pipe by low conveying speed. Simple structure allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Both batch and continuous conveying systems are available. It is very efficient conveying system for pellets and granular materials.