3 Ball Juggling Tricks - Starts, Pauses and Stops Bean Bag Set

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The third ball acts like the first throw of the cascade.3 ball pickup - This one is useful (especially in snooker/pool halls when you want to impress someone)! You need to place 3 balls in a line in front of you, and quickly throw all 3 in the air and begin juggling the cascade! Best to practice this trick with normal balls on a soft carpet to begin with! Start by throwing each ball really high (to make sure you have time to catch and throw them again) and pretty soon you will only need to throw the balls up a little to begin.

Juggle your 3 ball cascade, then throw one ball slightly higher than the rest. This will give you time to quickly put a ball under your chin, and catch the thrown ball. Look at the audience, and wait for applause! For extra applause, you should be able to throw a ball back up again and then grab the ball under the chin and continue the cascade!Neck catch - Throw a ball straight up in the air (not too high), then duck your head forward, and stretch out your arms and lift them up slightly (this helps form a gap on the back of your neck for the ball to land in). This takes a lot of practice. To get out of a neck catch, you have to lower your head, and then flick your head back up, to force the ball back up into the air.

Now that you have mastered the Cascade and some simple tricks, the next thing to work on is putting together a little routine. This section show you some techniques for starting, pausing and finishing your routine. Starting a routine can be done with just the 3 ball cascade, or one of the tricks mentioned below which are a bit more flashy! Pausing a routine gives the audience a chance to applaud your efforts, and finishing cleanly, will show the audience that your routine is finished and that they should applaud loudly and offer you their hard-earned cash!StartsMost people just start by going straight into a cascade, and progressing from there, but there are some fairly easy starter tricks you can learn:2 ball split - Start with 2 balls in one hand, beside each other (as opposed to in line with each other) When you throw the balls up, they should split (one ball should go up and straight down again, and the other ball should go across towards the other hand, ready for you to being the cascade or another trick!

StopsTo finish a routine, you should try to end with your best trick, and catch the balls cleanly, so you are ready to take a bow or you can try the following idea:Flash - Just like starting a routine, a flash can be used to finish one! If you are quick (and the floor allows it), you can do a quick spin, or grab a hat for them to fall into (the juggling kit possibilities are endless).Bounce Juggle Flash - If you use one or more Bouncing juggling balls, then you can throw one or more balls up in the air, do a pirouette and let them all bounce then finish by catching them all!