3 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

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Who keeps your refrigerator clean in your home? Most homeowners may say that it is their responsibility, or they may simply assign this project to another family member in the home or housekeeper. Actually, based on the individual homeowner and their preferences, it may not really matter who does these chores, as long as the job is done right. So, for those of you who want to know how to keep your refrigerator clean and how to do it right, here are 3 great tips that you can apply to your fridge cleaning.

Tip #1 - For Safety 3 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean Purposes – Turn off the Refrigerator Before you begin this job, you may want to start with a little preparation first. Especially, if you are expecting to do a deep cleaning job that includes cleaning in areas that most people will not see. In fact, as part of this process, you may even decide to devise a plan that will ensure that you do not miss any important details. Once your list of things that must be done is complete, you can start your first action by unplugging the refrigerator from the socket.

According to information supplied by your local appliance repair new york city specialists, this step is considered to be a very big part of getting started off right, especially since there is a high possibility of being electrocuted if you do approach this job carefully. For instance, if you are cleaning behind and under your refrigerator, you should take extra precautions. In some cases, the homeowner may even turn the circuit breaker off in the kitchen before getting started with this job. Also, if you have any safety questions or concerns that need to be addressed, you may consider contacting the appliance doctor for more information.

Tip #2 – Disinfect Inside and Out --- Eliminate Problems with Mold and Mildew Because the refrigerator is the place that you store all of your perishable foods, it must be kept clean in order to avoid all kinds of different health problems. From cross contamination to getting rid of foods that have mold on them, you should pay close attention to disinfecting the refrigerator inside and out. To do a thorough job on the inside, most people remove all of the shelves first so that they can be washed thoroughly with soap, water and disinfectant. Once washed, the next step is to make sure the shelves are rinsed well and dried properly before replacing them back into the appropriate positions.

Tip #3 – Clean Under the Refrigerator Even though most people may view this part of the cleaning process as the hardest and grossest to keep clean, it is essential for performance of the refrigerator. For instance, when you are removing the dirt, debris, and any other substances from the coils, you are helping to maintain its efficiency. Also, based on information provided by the appliance doctor the refrigerator repair new york city specialists on their official site, cleaning under the refrigerator will also aid in reducing the electric bill.

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