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Wikipedia has long been the only available reference resource in the Automation Industry but often the articles are not concise or accurate enough to be reliable. There is a need for edited, strong articles dealing with communication network protocols, protocol systems, services, products, businesses and how-to in Automation and related industries.

AutomationWiki serves to fill that information gap and we have gathered over 2500+ articles that serve you – the user.



AutomationWiki was started Two weeks time Chipkin Automation Systems

In a departure from the style of traditional encyclopedias, AutomationWiki is open to outside editing. This means that, with the exception of particularly sensitive and/or vandalism-prone pages that are "protected" to some degree, the reader of an article can edit the text without needing approval, doing so with a registered account or even anonymously. Different language editions modify this policy to some extent; for example, only registered users may create a new article in the English edition. No article is considered to be owned by its creator or any other editor, nor is it vetted by any recognized authority. Instead, editors are supposed to agree on the content and structure of articles by consensus.

Like a classic wiki site, AutomationWiki aims to create an interactive, collaborative environment where anybody can add, edit, format and embed information.

AutomationWiki also gives companies, businesses and individuals the opportunity to post links to their sites and in some cases, ownership of their page. Please visit our Help page for more information on submitting articles and creating content for this site.