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Having your credit hijacked by poor marks or an identity thief is no walk in the park. In order to fix credit report issues before they create financial problems, a consumer must employ the services of the best credit repair company in the business. is that company, bringing clients a swift and efficient credit sweep that can put things right again. What is the Credit Sweep? is known for offering customers a unique, labor-intensive, and fully customized solution to their credit repair needs. With an organized and streamlined process, clients can enjoy the benefits of a quick credit sweep that permanently deletes the negative marks on their credit report. The fast-track credit sweep works like this: · DAY ONE - Receive a free credit analysis and then select items on your credit report to be swept in order of importance. · DAYS TWO through SIX - Have experts write and prepare hand-written disputes on your behalf. · DAY SEVEN - Allow to mail out those disputes to the FTC, credit bureaus, and creditors. · WEEKS 2 through SIX - Sit back as manages and finalizes disputes and FTC dispute cases. The average time for to provide a complete credit sweep is only about three to six weeks. However, the experts on your team will re-submit disputes until the negative marks are gone for good. Why Is a Fast-Track Credit Sweep So Vital to Effective Credit Repair? You can greatly improve your credit score by simply playing your bills on time, but manual credit repair is typically necessary when you are the victim of identity theft. This is because some of the financial problems caused by it can remain unseen for quite some time, wreaking havoc on your ability to become approved for a line of credit. After submitting numerous applications, the number of inquiries on your credit report can make matters even worse. The cycle has to stop somewhere, and it gets halted when you use the best credit repair company in the industry. Fix credit report blemishes with a fast credit sweep today. Credit repair is a solid solution, and for more information contact via phone, email, or Live Chat. Customer service agents are on standby for clients around-the-clock answering questions, listening to comments, or addressing concerns, with a commitment to excellence and a 100% satisfaction guarantee every step of the way.