First Step To Teach A Child To Read

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The progress your struggling readers are making in 2010 may be much too easily undone in a summer spent in front from the television. A few days ago, we posted some concepts for helping parents successfully teach reading in your own home, adapted from a 2003 article by Linda Baker. What Baker's research also noted, besides the need for teaching reading in your house, will be the significance about motivating struggling readers to see in your own home.

Don't preach about how precisely people need to find out you just read. Preaching and harping with a subject doesn't encourage that you do anything. Kids don't get in this way of thinking. If you put them in a chair and let them know they have you just read, they aren't likely to get it done. They will view it as a punishment, or at least, something they are being 'made' to accomplish. You have to find another, more exciting method to instill an affection of reading.

Before you ever commence to teach your child to read it is important to spend time reading books together. If reading to your son or daughter seems unnatural or challenging, pull-up some lists of the finest children's books ever written and change from there. There are lots of classics that you'll enjoy reading over and over.

Helping children develop a vital motivation you just read won't be possible for parents. Encouraging fun, informal reading may seem counter intuitive, especially to parents of struggling readers who usually focus on reading accuracy. So, we've created this handout as a resource for parents who would like to discover how to make reading enjoyable for their child - and for the other family, too. With encouragement from other parents on the summer break, your students will come back ready to keep reading for the next school year... as well as the most their lives.

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