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The FactoryTalk Gateway is a part of the FactoryTalk Integrated Production and Performance software suite. By means of FactoryTalk Gateway, we can get data out of FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and get optimized communication to our Logix system. It is extremely valuable for third-party clients since they can now connect to RSLinx Enterprise and FactoryTalk View SE via one OPC server. Principally, FactoryTalk Gateway endows us with:

  • Third-party access to our FactoryTalk applications
  • Logix-optimized performance from our data server
  • One unified OPC server for controller or HMI data


  1. Simple to use: FactoryTalk Gateway can be configured easily by merely telling the software where in the FactoryTalk Directory we want to serve OPC data.
  2. Better connectivity: As a result of highlighting third-party connectivity, interoperability and use of open industry standards, the Integrated Architecture gives away seamless information integration with the rest of the site or enterprise.
  3. Integration to the Logix Platform: In case, our OPC client needs access to Logix processors, bring into play RSLinx Enterprise and FactoryTalk Gateway.
  4. Integration to FactoryTalk View SE: FactoryTalk Gateway can be configured to send out OPC data from a FactoryTalk View server and the data in memory tags together with system variables are accessible to be browsed and used by third-party clients. No changes are required on the FactoryTalk View side.
  5. Redundancy: When used in combination with FactoryTalk Live Data and FactoryTalk Directory, FactoryTalk Gateway provides redundancy to HMI and data servers for shielding third-party applications.
  6. Advanced Troubleshooting: FactoryTalk Gateway assists in tracing the problem and demonstrates all the products’ messages in single unified database.

Advanced Features[edit]

  1. FactoryTalk Gateway has enhanced diagnostic capabilities which comprise user interface improvements that contain the information required for the current status and advanced troubleshooting.
  2. By improving the messages from FactoryTalk Diagnostics and providing an integrated viewing tool for counters, messages and an integrated help system, the diagnostics counter monitor and FactoryTalk Gateway greatly expands our awareness of where the current state of the server can be reviewed.
  3. Via FactoryTalk Gateway we can lock down what OPC clients are permitted to do, whereas FactoryTalk Security prevents unwarranted scanning and unwarranted writing to control system tags or datapoints. This is especially helpful because OPC clients can be difficult to control since it is easy to put tags on scan in a controller.
  4. FactoryTalk Gateway also enables us to share the FactoryTalk Services Platform with third-party applications, and future advancements in FactoryTalk Live Data like adding the TCP/IP protocol, and improvements in ease-of-use for the services platform, will benefit the FactoryTalk Gateway.
  5. FactoryTalk Gateway has added support for additional tags, including a 70,000 tag version for large applications or small applications which need to grow.