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FactoryTalk Historian is fundamentally employed to

  • Maximize our ability to collect time-series data.
  • Have access to historical information at any time across different levels and tiers of our enterprise.
  • Streamline our manufacturing applications.

It has been designed around a multiple user scenario. Plant Supervisors can view individual machines and complete lines, in real-time, to build comparisons and evaluate how batches are running at their site. In the intervening time, enterprise managers can look at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and compare the production activity from different sites. More than one entry point to our data helps us make more precise and rapid decisions.

Main Features

FactoryTalk Historian

  1. Can connect to any control system or human-machine-interface (HMI) software and collect data at high speeds, in real-time, and at full resolution.
  2. Site Edition is a central component in the distributed historian strategy from Rockwell Software. This solution optimizes manufacturing processes through the analysis of historical data.
  3. Has the capability to collect, store, analyze, and visualize data using a powerful engine and a set of reporting tools, for example, time-series trends, bar charts, pie charts, Pareto and tabular trends, and an easy method of generating reports using Microsoft Excel.
  4. Utilizes compressed storage data algorithms to hold a vast amount of data in a small format, and data can be retrieved speedily over a short or long time span.


Following are the main benefits of FactoryTalk Historian software:

  1. It collects time-series data which can be used as a basis for various calculations, estimations, statistical processes and quality controls throughout the processes and applications in the enterprise.
  2. It has the capability to analyze complex process data easily and hence make processes better.
  3. Reduce variability by verifying production parameters versus targets/norms.
  4. React to information requests from customers or regulators more easily through the maintenance of an accessible online record.
  5. Cut overhead costs by saving time in collecting data and preparing reports.

Latest features

Most up to date features included in FactoryTalk Historian are listed below:

  1. New install and configuration tool to auto discover and auto configure tags
  2. Advanced calculation engine in the server for simple and advanced analytics
  3. FactoryTalk View integration to trend data from FactoryTalk Historian openly
  4. Rich set of advanced clients including SQC and FactoryTalk Batch capabilities
  5. Time-series optimized data store
  6. Advanced filtering through exception and compression algorithms
  7. Event framing of data to display event metadata with the time-series data
  8. Advanced development tools ranging from VBA, ActiveX support to advanced Visual Studio .NET support
  9. Redundancy and high availability support
  10. Support for an extensive number of third-party data sources