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FactoryTalk Scheduler is an integrated part of the FactoryTalk product suite. It is a client/server application which enables us to generate a detailed, finite-capacity schedule that provides a sight into the future. FactoryTalk Scheduler is of great value to an enterprise as it:

  • Aids manufacturers to actively manage the flow of orders through production.
  • Cuts overtime, set-ups, and work-in-process while increasing throughput and delivery date.
  • Generates a realistic, attainable production schedule. (FactoryTalk Scheduler being a finite-capacity scheduler (FCS) considers real production constraints).
  • Takes a proactive stand in generating a production schedule by considering constraints for example labor, tools, materials, machines, current plant-floor status etc. thereby enabling users to plan production, rather than react to it.
  • Enables users to see — with its familiar Gantt-style planning board — the potentially negative effects of a new rush job or priority order.
  • Offers a wide variety of scheduling rules like due date, priority, least setup time, etc. and analysis tools like reports, charts, metrics etc. to help in creating a quality production schedule.
  • Facilitates production planner to have complete scheduling control through use of the manual drag-and-drop scheduling combined with algorithmic- or simulation-based scheduling rules.
  • Makes available consulting services from a functional specification which defines the production model to full, turnkey implementations of the FactoryTalk Scheduler system.

Significant features[edit]

  • With the help of FactoryTalk Scheduler, Production schedulers can identify and act on late orders; manage capacities and constraints, including labor and material; and identify consequences of making changes, like expediting orders.
  • FactoryTalk Scheduler makes possible total resource management and above all provides time to react to unintended consequences.
  • It takes into consideration all those factors that diminish the ability of a production resource to process, including shift patterns, labor/tooling/material availability, planned maintenance, current loading, and capacities.
  • FactoryTalk Scheduler 8.0 is the latest version available which is certified to run on dual processor and dual-core processor computers in addition to single processor computers. It is an upgraded version which is embedded with numerous advanced features. The FactoryTalk Scheduler software now works with SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10G. Also it can now run on Windows 2003 Server R2.


FactoryTalk Scheduler offers following benefits:

  1. Reduced inventories
  2. Reduced order cycle times
  3. Reduced overtime
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Increased capacity at bottleneck workstations
  6. Decreased manpower devoted to manual scheduling and expediting