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FactoryTalk ViewPoint enables us view real-time plant floor operations data just by logging onto an Internet browser. It is basically a Web-enabled HMI application that extends the access to FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) displays and dashboards to users everywhere resulting in improved real-time decision making. FactoryTalk ViewPoint is an add-on to FactoryTalk View SE and PanelView Plus, hence delivers a rich and interactive experience. Via this, Simplicity of standard browser navigation and new degrees of access to critical FactoryTalk View information both gets easily available in a web browser. The thin-client configuration means no client software to install and maintain, lowering total cost of ownership.

Main features[edit]

  • Automatic Display Scaling: It provides a precise view of data across a wide variety of client devices with various screen sizes and resolutions and dynamically displays updates while runtime instantaneously scales to fit our device.
  • Maintain a Fully Active Browser: It performs tasks in a rich, interactive browser experience and gains fast access to information while maintaining a fully functional browser.
  • Multiple Display Browsing Made Easy: It calls up various dashboards and reports and with no trouble switch between them using standard browser navigation features. It has also got tabbing capabilities to organize displays.
  • Easily Set-Up and Access Favorites: It generally save plant floor reports as a "Favorite," then share with colleagues or reference easily to have the information we need easier to access and view. It access critical information swiftly and easily through saved "Favorite" displays.
  • Casual User Accessing Information: FactoryTalk ViewPoint provides us the ability to share information rapidly and easily with colleagues. It can quickly set up and send Hot Links for access to information


Following are the main benefits of FactoryTalk ViewPoint:

  1. It reduces total cost of ownership. Furthermore, no software needs to be installed and maintained on client device.
  2. It extends visualization and real-time decision capabilities to browser-based remote users, together with plant managers, supervisors and mobile workers.
  3. It permits System Integrators and OEMs to monitor customer installations from any location.
  4. It can easily connect to customer sites, carry out diagnostics, or give remote support without having to actually present at the end-user’s site.
  5. It grants immediate and easy access to critical information from the office, home or on the road via the simplicity of a web browser.
  6. It supports multiple browsers and client devices for better flexibility.
  7. It allows FactoryTalk View projects to be easily web-enabled without requiring application changes.