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RSEnergyMetrix is a sophisticated Web-enabled, energy management software package which places critical energy information at our desktop. The RSEnergyMetrix Software Suite integrates data communication, client-server applications, and Microsoft's advanced .NET Web technology to provide us with a comprehensive energy-management solution. Via RSEnergyMetrix, we can capture, analyze, store, and share energy data across our entire enterprise through a LAN or WAN using a simple Web browser.


RSEnergyMetrix helps managers and engineers solve on-going, energy-related challenges. By means of RSEnergyMetrix, we can: • Correlate energy costs to production costs • Provide accurate cost accounting based on consumption • Generate energy reports and charts for a process, department, facility or enterprise • Optimize energy procurement and help negotiate better rates • Make decisions on electrical capacity • Avoid unscheduled shutdown • Procure and analyze energy information with minimum capital investment


Following are the major benefits offered by RSEnergyMetrix:


RSEnergyMetrix has the scalability to add additional software features at the same time maintaining our initial investments.


RSEnergyMetrix makes connectivity to devices simple by using RSLinx or OPC. It Supports connectivity to Allen-Bradley Power monitors, EEMs, and PLCs via RSLinx RS232, RS-485, Ethernet, DeviceNet, RIO pass-thru, optical, and modem whereas connectivity to third-party devices is supported via OPC.


RSEnergyMetrix provides easy and flexible configuration from our Web browser. It can configure • Allen-Bradley Power monitors • water, air, gas, electric, steam, or other energy meters • manual meters for manual data entry (useful for entering in production data) • groups and tree structure to simulate organization or department schema Besides, it allocates meters to groups for cost allocation and creates rate schedules to reproduce energy bills

Monitoring and Analysis

RSEnergyMetrix is a powerful load-profiling, cost-allocation, and billing analysis tool. It can: • Log power and energy data from Allen-Bradley Power monitors • Log energy usage, flow, temperature, and pressure from PLCs or third-party devices • Log production data manually or from a PLC • View real-time data • View and trend historical data dynamically or within custom reports and charts • Compare alternative rate schedules to analyze potential cost savings • Create energy budgets and forecasts

Power Quality Analysis

RSEnergyMetrix is a sophisticated power quality analysis tool which can: • Perform waveform captures to correlate phase-to-phase relationships • Plot transients, surges, and sags on ITI (CBEMA Curves) • Display harmonics, THD, K-factor, and Crest Factor • Generate power quality charts and reports


RSEnergyMetrix generates alarms in response to user-defined conditions. It generate threshold alarms based off of any parameter being logged to the system while email alarm alerts to specified email addresses


RSEnergyMetrix allows multi-level security by allotting multi-user and assignable roles to allow specific data access. Furthermore it provides Windows® Active Directory (LDAP) support for synchronized passwords