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The RSLogix family of IEC-1131-compliant ladder logic programming packages helps us

  • Maximize performance
  • Save project development time
  • Improve productivity

This family of products has been developed to operate on Microsoft Windows operating systems. RSLogix 5 supports the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 family of programmable controllers. RSLogix 5 programming package is accustomed with programs created with Rockwell Software’s DOS-based programming packages for the PLC-5 processors, making program maintenance across hardware platforms convenient and easy.

RSLogix products[edit]

All RSLogix products share following common features:

  1. Flexible, easy-to-use editors
  2. Common look-and-feel
  3. Diagnostics and troubleshooting tools
  4. Powerful, time-saving features and functionality


Following are the major benefits offered by RSLogix 5:


Via RSLogix 5 all project information can be consolidated and displayed as a Project Tree with "Point-and-Click" accessibility. Numerous rungs are edited simultaneously and program using symbols that we have not yet assigned addresses to using the Program Editor. Besides, errors get corrected at our own convenience using the Project Verifier.

Cross-Reference Information[edit]

RSLogix 5 enables us to move to any rung or instruction we require by clicking on the cross-referenced item using the Online Cross-Reference. Cross-reference information can be viewed simultaneously with our control program online or on a report.

Drag-and-Drop Editing[edit]

By means of RSLogix 5 one can:

  1. Add addresses to instructions by dragging them from the Data Table Monitor, Database Files, or the Address/Symbols Picker to the desired instruction.
  2. Rapidly move instructions within a project or from one project to another.
  3. Move data table elements from one data file to another.


Followings points can be covered under Diagnostics:

  • Using Advanced Diagnostics RSLogix 5 locates problem areas in our application.
  • Using Search and Replace, it easily locates and replaces addresses and description text.
  • Examines the status of data table elements simultaneously with the Custom Display Monitor.
  • Review status bit settings including scan time, math registers and interrupts settings via Tabbed Displays.
  • Access I/O configurations, program files, data table files and more from the Consolidated Project View.

Database Editing[edit]

Using RSLogix 5 we can build and classify groups of symbols using the Symbol Group Editor. Furthermore we can assign addresses or symbols to ladder instructions by the Symbol Picker.


WYSIWYG reporting lets we preview every detail of our data before sending it to a printer.


RSLogix provides compatibility with Rockwell Software's popular MS-DOS programming products like

  • A.I. Series PLC-500
  • MicroLogix 1000
  • APS for SLC 500
  • MPS for MicroLogix 1000
  • A.I. Series PLC-5
  • 6200 Series PLC-5

We can import projects developed using the MS-DOS products or export to them from RSLogix. We can even develop our projects using all of the time-saving features of RSLogix and later run them using any of the appropriate DOS-based programming packages. Moreover when we decide to migrate to the new Rockwell Automation control architecture, ControlLogix, we can easily transfer our existing projects created in any of Rockwell Software's previous programming products to RS Logix allowing us to protect our control investment.


RSLogix 5 satisfies all of our application needs with Rockwell Software's fully inter-operable solutions such as:

  • Share our database with RSView32
  • Auto-tune PID loops with RSTune
  • Trend application parameters with RSTrend
  • Debug and test ladder programs with RSLogix Emulate 5 products