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RSLogix Architect is very simple software which can powerfully manage all RSLogix5000 based controller configuration files, network configurations, and produced and consumed tag relationships. It offers tools for:

  • Controller configuration management
  • Viewing the system as a whole versus a collection of configuration files
  • Communications and network management
  • Produced and consumed tag management

Via RSLogix Architect, we can create pages which are a living view of our network and controller. These pages are used in our automation system since control hardware layout containing the chassis, controllers, and communication modules is drawn on these pages. We can also draw networks which enable us to connect the controllers together. After the controllers get connected together through networks, produced and consumed tag relationships can be easily configured from one location. RSLogix Architect software is an ideal complement to Integrated Architecture.

Integrated Architecture

It is an industrial automation framework which provides scalable solutions for the full range of automation disciplines including drive, sequential, motion, and process control, plus safety and information. Integrated Architecture provides a single control infrastructure for the entire range of factory automation applications (large or small) thereby reducing our total cost of ownership. With Integrated Architecture we can:

  • re-use designs and engineering practices to reduce development time
  • respond faster to customer demands
  • lower maintenance costs
  • roll-back downtime
  • gain easy access to plant and production data from business systems

All of the above benefits lead to better management decisions.


Following benefits are offered by RSLogix Architect:

  1. RSLogix Architect includes a simple layout tool which is used for constructing our plant network and controllers in an interactive environment. The layout created is connected to the actual configuration files so that it is always up to date. Since our drawings are never out-of-date or incorrect, a lot of time is saved by employing RSLogix Architect software tools. Moreover there is no need to determine the accuracy of these drawings.
  2. By means of RSLogix Architect software, configuration of controllers can be done in just single place as this software interface facilitates us to cut the configuration time for multiple controllers by performing all data configuration in one place for all controllers. In this way accuracy is ensured and the time spent for copying the same configuration information between controllers also gets reduced.