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RSLogix Micro programming software enables us to create, modify and monitor application programs for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix family of controllers. It is embedded with several useful features which help save time and augment productivity. RSLogix Micro offers numerous advantages like it helps maximize performance, save project development time, and cut the total cost of ownership of our system.


RSLogix Micro assists in making program maintenance across hardware platforms convenient and system integration easier. Particularly, RSLogix Micro bestows us with following benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: RSLogix Micro can create application programs without perturbing correct syntax. Project Verifier can be conveniently used to detect and correct errors in the project. Also the operation of our modification can be tested to ensure accuracy. This all result in improved productivity.
  • Better Time Savings: RSLogix Micro helps save time as it offers Speed program creation and modification via drag-and-drop ladder logic editing. It can
  1. Move or copy instructions from within a project or from one project to another
  2. Move or copy data table elements from one data file to another
  • Improved Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Capabilities: This software is competent enough to modify application program while the process is still operating with powerful run-time editing features. Its advanced Diagnostics allow us to locate output instructions in the logic and jumps to the associated rung and view output instructions simultaneously to diagnose interaction. Also it can compare differences between two application programs, compare various configurations (online vs. offline, offline vs. online, online vs. online). Besides it can view differences graphically in a side-by-side view or as a report. Moreover it can view historical information about how data values change over time and save multiple data value trends and use the data to debug or troubleshoot.
  • Enhanced Investment Value: This software has the capability to
  1. Import MicroLogix projects effortlessly from any Rockwell Software MS-DOS programming product
  2. Easily re-use code developed for one MicroLogix controller with other MicroLogix controllers
  3. Use Visual Basic for applications to customize RSLogix Micro with macros and/or specific application code

System Requirements[edit]

Following are the requirements that must be fulfilled before using RSLogix Micro Programming software:

  1. IBM-compatible PC with Pentium® processor
  2. Microsoft Windows XP and later
  3. 32 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended)
  4. 50 MB of free hard disk space (or more based on application requirements)
  5. 16-color VGA Graphics Adapter, 640 x 480 or greater resolution (256-color 800 x 600 optimal)
  6. Products require the use of RSLinx Classic Lite. RSLinx Classic Lite is included with RSLogix 500