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*Organize tags in folders  
*Organize tags in folders  
*Choose the number of tags that best suits your needs
*Choose the number of tags that best suits your needs
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RSView32 is an integrated, component-based HMI for monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes. It is available in many languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish. RSView32 expands our view with open technologies which provide extraordinary connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products, and third-party applications. RSView32 happened to be the first HMI software to:

  • Open its graphic displays as OLE containers for ActiveX controls. With thousands of third-party ActiveX controls to choose from, we can drop ready-made solutions right into our projects.
  • Develop an object model to expose portions of its core functionality, allowing RSView32 to interoperate easily with other component-based software products.
  • Integrate Microsoft's popular Visual Basic for Applications as a built-in programming language allowing almost unlimited ways to customize our RSView32 projects.
  • Support OPC standards as both a server and a client for fast, reliable communications with an extensive variety of hardware devices.

RSView32 Active Display System[edit]

It is a true client/server application that adds on to and extends the reach of our RSView32 HMI software. By means of RSView32 Active Display System, we can view and control our RSView32 projects from remote locations.

RSView32 Web Server[edit]

It allows anyone with a valid RSView32 user account to access snapshot views of graphic displays, tags, and alarms through any standard web browser.

Add-on Architecture[edit]

Add-on architecture (AOA) technology expands RSView32's functionality by integrating new software components directly into RSView32. We can customize RSView32's feature set by installing only those components which we require. RSView32 includes the following AOA components that we can install separately at no extra cost:

  • RSView32 Messenger: It provides powerful alarm annunciation, paging, and messaging tools.
  • RSView32 TrendX: It monitors real-time data and provides historical trending from RSView32 data logs.
  • RSView32 SPC: It offers integrated & real-time Statistical Process Control.
  • RSView32 RecipePro: It enhances RSView32 recipe management and control.
  • RSLadder: It displays ladder logic for the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and PLC-5 families of processors.


RSView32 enables us to:

  • Interact with other Rockwell Software products
  • Share data with Microsoft products
  • Enjoy preferred compatibility with Rockwell Automation products
  • Maximize your hardware investments with OPC
  • Update projects online
  • Reuse tag databases
  • Organize tags in folders
  • Choose the number of tags that best suits your needs