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Are there enough supplies at childcare? Is there an ample supply of supplies at Grandma's when you steal away for a well deserved weekend? Eeeck! What about school - is your child going to be embarrassed by leakage or odor? These are major problems that you live with day in & day out for those who have a youngster coping with UI.

2. Your son or daughter must be accountable for his personal irresponsibility. This way your parenting shifts from punishment and choosing to impose consequences to letting your child experience the results of his/her own decisions. This means that you won't ever bail your child out when bad decisions are manufactured. You wouldn't pay overdue bank cards. You wouldn't spend on traffic tickets or accidents. You wouldn't pay additional fees. You wouldn't purchase lost items. You wouldn't spend on dropped college classes. This supports God's law of reaping that which you sow (Galatians 6:7-8).

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