What s the Cause of Nightmares in Adults

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I am pretty sure now that between Grandmother and Tony and my Grandfather, I emotionally survived childhood. My Grandmother wondered why I had named him Tony. I simply replied he had introduced himself as Tony and I can't change that fact. Tony was very insightful. There was not just a question that Tony couldn't answer. I felt so safe and comforted in most way. Once Tony was left behind in a very accommodation and I was beside myself until he was mailed time for our home address. In fact it seemed that only Tony could reconcile the world in my experience, explain grownups, and truly bring me with a place of peace and love. When I looked into his eyes, these folks were alive with understanding and compassion. When I was hospitalized at four, well, Tony was right beside me through all of it. Finally, being an adult, I parted with Tony. When I found him in the box, he am very small, tattered and gray. Where did the soul of Tony result from? Where did it go? I have always wondered. Many children have imaginary friends like Tony.

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